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Igangværende projekter ved Aarhus Universitet, findes i listen nedenfor. Denne er delt op i henholdsvis engelsk og dansk-sproget forskningsprojekter. På det enkelte projekts side findes yderligere information omkring formål, målgruppe og publicerede forskningspapirer samt anden information.

Alle igangværende projekter ved Arts

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  1. Climate Change and Long Term History in the Northern Black Sea Area

    Stolba, V.

    Danish-Russian-Ukrainian Interdisciplinary Project focused on paleoclimatic and environmental studies of sediment archives of Crimean mineral lakes. Investigated lakes included lakes Saki, Džarylgač and Karadzha situated on the Tarkhankut peninsula. Participating institutions: Aarhus University; Institute of Limnology, Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, and Institute of Geography, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Kiev.


  2. Evaluation of the impacts of financial reforms on savings cooperatives, credit unions and microfinance entities in Vanuatu.

    Pacheco Cueva, V. D.

    This project seeks to analyse the impacts of government reform on the micro-finance industry in Vanuatu. This research project was funded by the School of Social and Economic Development funded this project (FJD $9,000.00). .


  3. New Learners in the New Europe project

    Maslo, E.

    The project was aimed at enhancing students' problem-solving skills to help them face the challenge of life-long learning. It is targeted learners of English, French, Danish, Latvian and Romanian who are older than 14 and have already reached B1 level in one of the given languages.


  4. Promotion of Mobility and Scientific Cooperation. IKYDA

    Papadopoulos, P. M.

    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY).


  5. Assessing adult capabilities and understanding skill formation over the lifespan

    Desjardins, R.

    Regardless of the stage at which different societies are in the modernization process, functional literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills are essential foundation skills which all citizens need in order to secure basic capabilities and functioning. Sen's concept of human capability and functioning is defined not only as having resources available - internal (i.e., knowledge or skills such as literacy) or external (i.e.


  6. Udvikling af redskab/spørgeskema og beskrivelse af proces vedrørende lederevaluering for alle ledere i Hovedstadens Sygehusfællesskab (HS)

    Nickelsen, N. C. M.

    Udvikling af redskab/spørgeskema og beskrivelse af procesforløb vedrørende evaluering af ledere på alle niveauer på alle hovedstadens sygehuse .


  7. The economic and social outcomes of learning

    Desjardins, R.

    The educational systems of OECD economies continue to grow and with this the total amount of resources dedicated to the total learning effort is reaching unprecedented levels.


  8. Person, Process, and Society

    Seibt, J.

    Danish Division of the SophiaEuropa Network (Metanexus Foundation USA).


  9. Elisabeth in Marburg. Der Dienst am Kranken

    Atzbach, R.

    The exhibition "Elizabeth in Marburg. The Service for the Poor" showed St. Elizabeth of Thuringia's life in Marburg and the history of health care from the Middle Ages until today .