Projektsider på dansk på Aarhus Universitet


Igangværende projekter ved Aarhus Universitet, findes i listen nedenfor. Denne er delt op i henholdsvis engelsk og dansk-sproget forskningsprojekter. På det enkelte projekts side findes yderligere information omkring formål, målgruppe og publicerede forskningspapirer samt anden information.

Alle igangværende projekter ved Arts

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  1. Masters in Microfinance Project

    Pacheco Cueva, V. D.

    Conducted research and promotion of FDC’s initiative for a Masters in Microfinance (MScM) amongst FDC’s stakeholders. This Masters level program for microfinance practitioners is to be delivered by a university in the Asia-Pacific region. The objective of the MScM is to offer training that is uniform, world-class-quality, universally accepted and research-informed. The goals are to increase levels of microfinance practitioner skill and knowledge in the Asia-Pacific region.


  2. DiCoInfo - User-needs adaptation

    Leroyer, P.L'Homme, M.Robichaud, B.

    User-needs adaptation of specialized dictionary developped by the university of Montreal, user-surveys.


  3. Producing Wealth and Poverty in Indonesia's New Rural Economies

    Murray Li, T.Semedi, P.Eilenberg, M.

    The research program examines the social relations through which rural people gain access to, or are excluded from, the benefits of high growth agriculture in Indonesia. In so doing, it aims to contribute to debates on poverty reduction and social protection, core concerns of transnational and national development agencies.


  4. Nordic Indonesia Studies Network

    Eilenberg, M.Nygaard-Christensen, M.Trane Ibsen, J.Raith Nilsson, D.Hansen, K.Fog Skriver, M.

    The Nordic Indonesia Studies Network is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional initiative to foster scholarly cooperation within the Nordic countries in the field of Indonesian studies. The inaugural workshop of the Network was held in 2009 at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies in Copenhagen with 35 participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.


  5. Expecting cynicism in Beijing: Ideology and moral life under market socialism

    Hansen, A. S.

    Ph.d.-projekt på baggrund af bevilling fra Forskningsrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation..


  6. Audiovisuel kultur og den gode lyd

    Larsen, C. R.Lønstrup, A.Langkjær, B.Bonde, A.Gram, N.

    Projektet arbejder historisk med lyden og lytningens genealogi. grundlagsteoretisk med lyd og lytning som integrerede fænomener samt med sammenhæng mellem lyd, lytning og andre sanse- og erfaringsområder.