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Igangværende projekter ved Aarhus Universitet, findes i listen nedenfor. Denne er delt op i henholdsvis engelsk og dansk-sproget forskningsprojekter. På det enkelte projekts side findes yderligere information omkring formål, målgruppe og publicerede forskningspapirer samt anden information.

Alle igangværende projekter ved Arts

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  1. A Biocultural Approach to Embodiment, Ritual and Mysticism

    Geertz, A. W.

    Projekt i forbindelse med et Jens Chr. Skou Senior Fellowship på Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies. Det drejer sig om følgende: This project deals with the growing empirical knowledge of the interaction between bodily actions and human thinking and the cultural embeddedness of human cognition.


  2. A Calculus of Culture

    Nielbo, K. L.Bechmann, A.Roepstorff, A.Gao, J.Abello, J.Wevers, M.

    Due to the rapid accumulation of digital and digitized cultural data, we are witnessing the emergence of culture analytics in the humanities, a research field which combines Digital Humanities and humanities domain expertise (culture, history, and language) with computational and data-intensive methods.


  3. A Camera at Hand and an Idea in Mind: The continuity of avant-garde cinema across generations and continents

    Machado, J.Thomsen, B. M. S.Carvalho, V. M. d.

    The proposed project will study the Cinema Novo of the 1960's and The New Brazilian Cinema in the context of globalization – a perspective that the Dogma 95 movement has brought attention to (cf. Mette Hjort). The mentioning of filmmaking strategies of the 1960's within the Dogma 95 manifesto and rules inaugurates this project's idea to examine the formulations and actions of Cinema Novo in the perspective of early globalization processes in Brazil.


  4. A Century of Radio and Music in Denmark: Music Genres, Radio Genres, and Mediatisation

    Larsen, C. R.

    En undersøgelse af hvordan radio og musikliv i Danmark har påvirket hinanden i de sidste 100 år. .


  5. A culture of dialogue – Fostering dialogic literacy through educational design research in a danish upper secondary school

    Pedersen, A. Y.

    The main objective of the phd. project is to better understand and foster dialogic literacy as a key competence for learning, knowledge building and constructive participation in a democratic society with specific focus on education in a danish technical gymnasium (htx)..


  6. A question of Participation - disengagement from the extreme right. A case study from Sweden

    Christensen, T. W.

    Radicalisation, extremism and terrorism take places as responses to a broader societal context of macro social and political moves, both nationally and internationally. Engaging in an extremist group makes an individual changes, because he or she creates an identity relevant to the world of the particular group he or she is involved in. This causes some to need support after they disengage in order to deradicalise and develop new social skills and identities.


  7. A Research infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web materials

    Finnemann, N. O.

    Proposal for an Integrative Initiative in the future EU Horizon 2020 program.


  8. A socioeconomic projection of the Department of Cabañas in northern El Salvador using an alternative planning tool.

    Pacheco Cueva, V. D.

    The research objective is to assess the potential benefits from a portfolio of local economic sectors in the Department of Cabañas and to show how the benefits of these sectors can be aligned in support of El Salvador’s sustainability agenda.