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Asserting the Nation

Asserting the Nation:
Comparative studies on the (Nation) State-University Relationship in Europe

Om projektet

The project explores state-university relations in European higher education policy, including recent opposition against globalization and re-nationalizing trends in the wake of the Cold War. Since 1999, European higher education has undergone an extensive harmonization process across nation borders - a process through which the EU has established a ‘European Higher Education Area’. Meanwhile, universities are also increasingly caught between these ideals of deeper integration and protectionist national agendas. Against this backdrop, the project seeks to explore the societal role of the University in contemporary European states, examining its “national” role and how it might be changing. Centering on universities and their interaction with the (nation) state and international cooperation in Poland, France, the UK and Denmark, the project offers a comparative approach to understanding contemporary trends in European higher education policy making. The project also examines recent actions taken by the EU to deepen European integration and collaboration on education and research.

Finansiering og samarbejdspartnere

DFF Sapere Aude Forskningsleder: DFF Inge Lehmann:
Asserting the Nation: Comparative studies on the rise of neo-nationalism in higher education. The case of continental Europe. Asserting the Nation: Comparative studies on the rise of neo-nationalism in higher education. The case of United Kingdom and Brexit.
Projekt Periode: 01.07.2021 - 30/06/2025 Projekt Periode: 01.07.2021 - 30.06.2025

Internationale Partnere:

  • Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Professor, Teachers College Columbia University, New York, US
  • Dorota Dakowska, Professor, Sciences Po Aix, France
  • Marek Kwiek, Professor, Adam Mickiwicz University, Poznań, Poland

Internationale Partnere: 

  • Susan Robertson, Professor,  University of Cambridge, UK 
Støttet af Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond (DFF)       Støttet af Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond (DFF)  

Seneste Begivenheder

Seminar Axis 1: Katja Brøgger and Michel Grossetti

On the 27th of January, Sciences Po Aix, the Mesopolhis, Centre Méditerranéen de Sociologie, de Science Politique & d’Histoire, hosted a seminar that invited keynote presentations from Associate Professor and the ‘Asserting the Nation’ research director, Katja Brøgger, and research director at CNRS, Université de Toulouse, Michel Grossetti.

Workshop at Sciences Po Aix: Universities in Times of Crisis

On the 18th of January, Sciences Po Aix, the Mesopolhis, Centre Méditerranéen de Sociologie, de Science Politique & d’Histoire, hosted a workshop on Universities in Times of Crisis bringing international scholars from Denmark and France to present and discuss their studies on the transformations in the higher education sector in Europe. Among the discussed transformations were new managerial schemes, privatization of the sector, protectionist and neo-nationalist tendencies, the Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions and the Russian war in Ukraine.

The workshop was organized by Policy Futures program director and Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Katja Brøgger, and Professor in political sciences from Sciences Po Aix, Dorota Dakowska. The seminar included presentations by the organizers, Corine Eyraud (Aix-Marseille Université), Ester Zangrandi (Aarhus University), Hicham Jamid (Institut de Reserche pour le Développement), Rasmus Harsbo (Aarhus University), Hannah Moscovitz (Aarhus University), Théotime Chabre (Sciences Po Aix, IC Migrations) and Olga Gille-Belova (Université Bourdeaux Montaigne).

The workshop was finalized with a roundtable discussion on Ukrainian academics in wartime, in which Oksana chepelyk (Modern Art Research Institute of NAAU, AMU), Olga Gold (Universi of Odessa, AMU), Oksana Shostak (National Aviation University, Kyiv, AMU), Iryna Sikorska (Mariupol State University), and Dorota Dakowska (Sciences Po Aix) participated.

The seminar and following workshop at Sciences Po Aix was part of the 'Asserting the Nation' project led by Katja Brøgger.

Asserting the Nation Project Launch Webinars

The Project was officially launched in two webinars on October 29 and November 10, 2021. The webinars brought together leading scholars to discuss issues at the heart of the project, including the rise of neo-nationalism in Europe, policy-making in a conflicting EU and the entanglement of universities in current geopolitical tensions. For more information, take a look at previous events in the Policy Futures International Webinar Series: https://dpu.au.dk/en/research/research-programmes/policy-futures

The project is currently in its data collection and fieldwork phase.

Workshop at Strasbourg University

The Interdisciplinary Thematic Institutes of the University of Strasbourg hosted a 2-day workshop on the role of universities in European (dis)integration.  On the 14th and 15th of October 2021, the university gathered researchers from various disciplines and European institutions to discuss the European education space between international alliances, knowledge policies and new emerging nationalisms.

During the workshop, Associate Professor and the ‘Asserting the Nation’ research director, Katja Brøgger, gave a talk titled Re-nationalizing Europe? On Post-Cold War governance arrangements in European higher education and the rise of neo-nationalism.

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Data protection officer at Aarhus University:

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In order to gain insight from key stakeholders in each case study, interviews will be conducted with policy-makers, higher education stakeholders and political actors engaged in higher education policy making, implementation and practice in the four national case studies and the EU.

The project uses the scientific research purposes as legal basis. Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, the project should provide all participants/data subjects with information about how their personal data will be processed.

All personal data collected for the project will be pseudonymized and stored in accordance with GDPR compliance rules. Personal data is pseudonymized by removing all directly identifying information from the data. A unique serial number will be added within the framework of pseudonymization. The serial number - with an associated separate 'key file' - will make it possible to return to the original person identification. This so-called ‘translation key’ will be stored separately from the pseudonymized data using an Aarhus University-based GDPR compliant solution only made available to the project researchers. Data harvested from interviews, documents, archives, and other sources will be stored on a secure Aarhus university based platform.

Personal data will not be subject to automated processing and will not be disclosed to others.

Data from interviews will be pseudonomized in research publications with reference only, in a few instances, to the organization (organizations such as ministries will be referenced, universities will remain pseudonomized).

Your personal data will be processed by Aarhus University for as long as required by the research purpose and the rules on storage according to responsible conduct of research. When we no longer need your personal data for processing, the data will be erased.

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