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Designing for Learning in the Nordic Countries (DLiNC)

Learning Design is gaining footing as a systematic approach to educational development globally. However, despite that the approach has been demonstrated to be effective and efficient for improving teaching and learning higher education, there is limited coordination and practice sharing in the Nordic countries about which methods and tools are in use, their effect, and how they are institutionally implemented.

Thus, the purpose of this project is to share and discuss initiatives, experiences, and share Learning Design toolkits across Stockholm University, Aarhus University and the University of Iceland as well as develop a common toolbox for the development and assessment of learning designs. The ambition is that the participating universities and any other interested Nordic university will benefit from these experiences and tools in their own educational and professional development practice.

Thus, the goal is todevelop:

  • a map of Learning Design practices at the Nordic universities: which methods and tools are in use, how, and what are the experiences. The purpose is to support universities in finding like-minded institutions and knowledge-sharing.
  • a Learning Design toolkit with methods, models, and other design aids, including methods forstudents as co-designers.
  • an assessment tool for learning designs so that institutions can identify effective and efficient learning designs and why they are effective. This is useful for improving teaching and learning in higher education in general.

As a part of the project, we will visit the universities to see how design works in practice, share tools, and share the map, toolkit, and assessment tool on a website, in an open webinar or at a conference.

Learn more about the project on the project website (dlink.dk)