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Maritime Networks and Urbanism in the Early Medieval World

Conference: Maritime Networks and Urbanism in the Early Medieval World

11-12 April 2013 at the Viking Museum in Roskilde

Organized jointly by the research project ENTREPOT (Aarhus University, Denmark / University of York, UK) and the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark


This two-day conferenceconvenes an international research forum to explore developments in maritime and urban archaeology around the Northern European seas, the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean during the early Middle Ages.

The first day of the conference is intended to review the concept of network urbanism(cf. Hohenberg& Lees 1996, The Making of Urban Europe):Can thisbe taken to denote a global pattern in the early MiddleAges, which allows for comparisons to be made between developments in various regions during this period? Is this a pattern that is peculiar to the period, and a significant element in an archaeological and historical characterization of the period?

The second day of the conference,focussed on maritime networks, continues the discussion with particular attention to aspects raised in relation to a special exhibition on “The World in the Viking Age”, prepared by the Viking Ship Museum in collaboration with the ENTREPOT project, which will take place in Roskilde 2014-15. This day’s programme aims to identify key aspects of maritime exchange in global medieval archaeology and to discuss its relevance for the 21st century world. How did maritime culture and technology transform society in terms of cultural exchange, economic development, networks and cities?Why were contemporary maritime exchange networks crucial in very different parts of the world?

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Contact: Dr. Sarah Croix, Aarhus University

Registration fee: 500 kr.

Dinner on 11 April: 350 kr.

Registration and payment via webshop by 1 April: https://auws.au.dk/maritime_networks

The conference is limited to 80 participants. Registration will close when the event is fully booked; please consider signing up early.