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Pedagogues in leisure-time pedagogy

Pedagogues' work with children and youth in leisure-time pedagogy

  • In what ways do the pedagogues and leisure-time pedagogy have an impact on the wellbeing, development and life opportunities of children and youth?

About the project

This project explores pedagogues’ work with children and youth in leisure-time centers/SFO as well as leisure and youth clubs with a focus on pedagogues’ work in leisure-time pedagogy and the impact of the well-being of children and youth, including the professional identity and special competencies of the pedagogues in supporting and preventing children and youth in dissatisfaction. The research project relates to two simultaneous themes in BUPL's research fund, respectively the leisure-time pedagogy as well as the pedagogues’ work with the wellbeing of children and youth.


The research project elapses for a period of one year, from November 2021 - November 2022 and runs in a number of phases:


  • March 2022-june 2022: data collection; fieldwork, questionnaire survey aimed at children and youth as well as research interviews with pedagogues, management, children, youth and parents.
  • August 2022-December 2022: analysis of the results of the research project and preparation of research report.
  • January 2023-february 2023: discussion of the results of the research report with a professional panel and research colleagues in preparation for a qualification of the project's overall research findings.
  • March 2023: the project completes with the publication of a research report and other relevant dissemination tasks related to BUPL's members and other interested parties, if funding is raised.