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Course modules

The teachers participate in the QUEST project activities in the form of modules with four different themes:

  1. Inquiry-Based Science Teaching (IBSE)
  2. Objective, evaluation, and progression in the teaching activities
  3. Work in teams and network
  4. Optional module organised according to the schools’ needs

The four course modules. Click on the model to view more details

    The course modules are designed according to the “QUEST-rhythm” and takes place at different levels, individually tailored to the schools’ and municipalities’ educational and experience-based competencies. More precisely, the course modules take place at two different levels: C1, where the target group is mainly science teachers – especially the less experienced – who use their competencies in the classroom. These modules present research-based and alternative approaches to science teaching. At the next competence level, C2, the target group is mainly the organizational level, which is responsible for planning and on-going development of science teaching, and also organizing the collaboration about this.

    The people behind QUEST will for each course module develop materials and guides for the participants. The teachers are free to choose which modules they would like to participate in, but they must participate in at least one. Common to the courses is that all 160 participating science teachers must perform a teaching project together with their own science teacher-group (PLC) and in their own classes. The modules are tailored after municipal wishes and developed in collaboration with the municipal science subject advisor.

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