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Biblia Manichaica

Reception and Transformation of the Bible in Manichaean Sources

Photo: Bibliothèque nationale de France


The aim of the project is to make a contribution to a reassessment of the relationship between Manichaeism and Christianity. The project will establish a source and reference work entitled Biblia Manichaica, citing all passages in Manichaean literature that refer to the Bible, and combine this with an extensive introduction interpreting the wide-ranging material in regard to the history of religions, textual history, and literature. With this comprehensive documentation of the empirical material as our point of departure, we aim at a new interpretation of Manichaeism, emphasizing its Christian character in the earlier strands of the movement.

"Biblia Manichaica - Reception and Transformation of the Bible in Manichean Sources" was publicly funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities with app. 6.6 million DKK 2012-2017.