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ESCU - Exploring School Culture

Research into aspects of Danish school cultures 

that promote social and gender inequalities

Exploring School Culture

The project will study two aspects of school culture at Danish compulsory schools that are important for the generation of social and gender inequalities among students:

  • The school’s general orientation towards postsecondary education, which in the context of US high schools has been labelled as a school’s organizational habitus and
  • the prevalence of gender stereotypes, e.g. beliefs about students’ competencies and orientations based on their gender.

The project will draw on two distinct empirical approaches to measure school culture. First, the project will develop and conduct questionnaire surveys to gauge values, attitudes and practices among teachers and students.

Second, the project will study school culture by exploiting newly available forms of process-generated data at schools (“big data”) that are available through the use of learning platforms and learning management systems (“LMS”) in the Danish school context.


The project is funded by the Velux Fund with a budget of 4.7 million. kr.

Cooperation partners


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Participants from DPU, Aarhus University

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