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Gender-smart and responsive education

  • An overview of research on promising gender-aware/sensitive and gender-inclusive/inclusive practices within primary and secondary education –generally and specifically in relation to  STEM subjects and initiatives.

About the project

The aim is to provide:

  • An overview and analysis of gender-aware/sensitive and gender-inclusive/responsive educational and instructional practices identified within Danish, Nordic and selected international research – both within primary and secondary education (students aged 5–16) in general and with a specific focus on STEM subjects and initiatives – during the period 2000–2021 (Archive1);
  • A complementary overview and analysis of other forms of knowledge concerning gender-sensitive and gender-inclusive educational and instructional practices (Archive2);
  • An analysis identifying the basic formative assumptions regarding gender and STEM that characterise and shape the practices described in both archives; and
  • An analytical and critical perspective on the ’promising’ aspects of the practices described in the archives – both in relation to Danish primary and secondary education and to the concerns and ethical dilemmas that can/will arise as a result of gender issues and these promising practices.

Further details


The project was funded by a grant awarded by VILLUM FONDEN (a part of the VELUX FOUNDATIONS) and was conducted between 1 October 2021 and 31 December 2022.