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During the project a new conceptualization and model has been develop under the term Gender-smart Education (Kønsklog skole). The concepts ‘gender-smart and responsive’ is the defining principle of the model. The model visualises different path to take when conducting interventions around gender and STEM. While gender-blind and gender neutral according to the literature seems to be a ‘no go’, the promising practices are gender-aware/sensitive and inclusive pedagogies.

However, some practices are even more promising, namely the gender-smart and responsive practices that also take into consideration how to reconfigure gender as well as STEM and complicate our notions in relation to other categories and axes of power (such as race, class, disability, sexuality) as well as resist, avoid and counter prejudices, bias, low expectations and discrimination.

The project is based on an innovative approach that combines literature searches in a number of different research databases with analyses of the plurality of knowledge forms that schoolteachers draw upon when ‘fine-tuning’ their teaching in terms of gender.

The project rethinks the research review as a genre and method in light of the Belgian philosopher Isabelle Stengers’ insistence that ‘Another Science is Possible’ and taking account not only ’matters of fact’, but also ‘matters of concern’ and ‘matters of care’ (Maria Puig de la Bellacasa).