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2019.11.25 | Publication

Cultures of Participation: Arts, Digital Media and Cultural Institutions – New book from TAKE PART

Very happy that our edited collection, Cultures of Participation: Arts, Digital Media and Cultural Institutions, is now out. The book examines cultural participation from three different, but interrelated perspectives: participatory art and aesthetics; participatory digital media, and participatory cultural policies and…

2019.01.30 | Conference

TAKE PART seminar 10.-11.4.2019: TRANSFORMING CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS AND THEIR USERS – Current Agendas in the Interdisciplinary Turn to Participation

The seminar introduces, and offers a space for discussing, important current agendas for cultural institutions interested in participation. It begins with the premise that the present cultural, institutional and academic interest in participation often challenges traditional professional practices as well as distinctions like…

2018.05.03 | Conference

Birgit Eriksson: Conference in Manchester

A chance to continue the highly inspiring discussions on everyday participation that some of us engaged in at our own Cultures of Participation conference. Anne Scott Sørensen and I will go.

2018.01.19 | Workshop

New network on participatory art in Japan and Denmark

The international research network CCCA (Collaboration and Community-Building in Contemporary Art) is hosting its first workshop in Tokyo, January 31-February 1, 2018.

2017.11.14 | Conference

Call for papers

Call for papers for Take Part’s conference out now – please share!

2017.11.09 | Knowledge exchange

New collaboration: REACH and TAKE PART

European colleagues have just started REACH, a new EU support and coordination project about participatory approaches to Culture. REACH will establish a social platform for discussion and collaboration by a wide-ranging network of professionals, institutions, researchers, arts practitioners, associations, and interest groups.

2017.11.14 | Knowledge exchange

New report on participatory research in citizen participation in European Cultural Centres

Carsten Stage, Camilla Møhring Reestorff and Birgit Eriksson from TAKE PART have finished a two-year research and action project about citizen participation in European cultural centres. The project investigated cultural centres as arenas for civic engagement and participation, but also experimented with participation as an important part of the…

2017.09.28 | Seminar

Collaboration and Community-Building in Contemporary Art in Japan and Denmark

Join a two-day seminar on the potential of contemporary art to create collaboration and strengthen local communities. The seminar takes place on November 4th-5th at University of Copenhagen, Southern Campus.

2017.05.09 | Conference

TAKING PART IN THE ARTS? – a conference on participatory (choreographic) art projects.

Birgit Eriksson talks about the motivations and modes of participation at a conference in Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, May 31st 2017 at 9.00-15.30

2017.04.05 | Arts

Rethinking Cultural Participation, conference 17-19 May

Across Europe there is a demand for institutions to engage citizens. Citizen engagement is nothing new for cultural centers. But there has never been a systematic investigation of how people engage and participate in cultural centers and of what the effects of this might be. This investigation has now been done with the European research and…

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