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Reburial 19th November 2010

On Friday 19th November at 3.00 pm, Tycho Brahe will be reburied at a ceremony at Týn Church in Prague. The ceremony is to be conducted by the Czech Archbishop Dominik Jaroslav Duka – and will include participation by the Danish Holmen Church Choir.

The hour-long ceremony is open to the public. The church has a capacity of 2,000 – 400 seated and 1,600 standing.

Tycho Brahe has been buried in the large, Gothic style Týn Church since 1601. His wife, who died in 1604, was laid to rest by his side. Tycho Brahe’s tin coffin is placed in a brick burial vault close to the altar. The exact place is marked with an epitaph in a reddish marble and a dark grey granite stone in the floor with the inscription Tycho Brahe.

The full name of the Church in Czech is Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem, which, translated into English, means The Church of Our Lady before Týn (or Tein, as it is known in German). The shortened form of Týn Church or Týn Cathedral is the one most commonly used.

Týn Church is situated centrally in Prague’s Old Town, where it has been the main church since the 14th century.