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Mercury poisoning ruled out as cause of Tycho Brahe's death


In 2010, Tycho Brahe was exhumed from his grave in Prague, an event which received extensive international media coverage. Since then, a Danish-Czech team of researchers has been working to elucidate the cause of Tycho Brahe's death. The results of this intensive work now make it possible to rule out mercury poisoning as a cause of death.

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Tycho Brahe reburied

Tycho Brahe was reburied in the Tyn Church Friday 19 November in Prague. the ceremony was catholic and was headed by the Archbishop of Prague, Dominik Jaroslav Duka. The rural dean of Holmens Church Ejgil Bank Olesen also participated in the ceremony. In 1601 Tycho Brahe was given a protestantic burial, in 1601 a catholic, and i 2010 a reburial in a catholic church with elements from both catholic and protestant tradition.

The ceremony was accompanied by the Holmens Church Choir.

Hard Work Continues on the Tycho Brahe Project


Work on the Tycho Brahe project is currently underway at several locations in Prague in order to achieve as much as possible while the famous astronomer's grave is open, before he is reburied on Friday 19th November at a ceremony at Týn Church.

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Press photos

Video from Tycho Brahes tomb


Get the first glimpse of the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe in these Excerpts from the documentary film about the reopening of Tycho Brahes grave.
The film is produced by (DR) Danish Broadcasting Corporation and will be finished in 2011, and the clip can be used without cost but please provide attribution to Marek Bican, Lars Schou og Lisbeth Jessen,  Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

Dowmload the clip in broadcasting quality (830 mb)


Documentary film on the Tycho Brahe Project


The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) will produce a one hour long documentary film on the Tycho Project. The film will be shown in several countries.

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